Quality Assurance

Ensuring the products you make are “Right the first time” and “Fit for Purpose”, are key principles in Quality Assurance. If your organization is not ensuring your production documentation, machine set ups, training and other critical production points are in proper alignment with your engineering goals; can heavily impact your bottom line and ongoing or new customer relationships.

Whether it’s because of lack of manpower expertise, or a diverse workforce of temp and full time labor at Phoenix Quality we have you covered. Offering a board spectrum of Quality Assurance audit services; our team can aid your operation in all areas from heading off problems before production starts with Launch Readiness Audits to End of Line 100% or random Finished Goods Inspections.

Learn about how Phoenix Quality can make a difference for your business and what makes us distinct in the industry.


The Phoenix Quality Difference is our mission: to help our clients reduce or eliminate the need for third party inspection and containment.

To achieve this goal we have focused on a few key areas of our business:


    Every Phoenix Quality QA Auditor comes equipped with our proprietary technology. This mobile system, called E-Data Now, allows are team to process and communicate audit data from failures to results, instantly.

    If a non-conformance or deviation is identified during any audit, evidence like photos, auditor notes and more can be promptly sent to internal teams like engineering, quality, or plant management in real-time. This allows your team to react instantly with accurate data to root cause the production failure resulting in fewer non-conforming parts being made at your facility. And over time this reduces or eliminates the need for containment and third party sorting inspection service.


    Ensuring you have the best people for the job is critical for success when trying to mitigate quality risk. In the temporary quality inspection business this is even more challenging. To meet this challenge many of our competitors have turned to temporary labor services to meet client demands. The results of which can be negative for your business with improperly trained, and qualified people being brought on board.

    At Phoenix Quality, we have a ZERO Temp Policy. If possible all our employees are hired and trained directly by us. If the need does arise out of necessity to use temp labor, we ensure only the best temps are used, with a detailed pre-temp screening process, and training program with shadowing by a full time Phoenix Quality team member.


  • First Off/Last Off
  • Bar Code Error Proofing
  • Process Audit
  • Machine Set-ups
  • Control Plan Audit
  • Layered Process Audit
  • Quality Verification Audit
  • 5S Audit
  • Dock Audit
  • Training or Work Instruction Audit
  • Material Certifications
  • And more as a result of our agile and configurable system


Automotive, Appliances, Electronics, Hardware & Finishes, Outdoor Power Equipment, Heavy Duty Equipment, Off Road/ Leisure Vehicles, & Agriculture/Farm Equipment