Parts Sorting and Containment

Bad parts occur, that’s a fact. It’s how quickly and accurately your organization quarantines, and prevents a future occurrence that makes all the difference to your business bottom line. But with resources already tight how can you ensure containment’s be it, self-imposed, customer directed, or imposed on a supplier, be addressed quickly and reliably, without the heavy cost burden. Traditionally, quality data from containment and sort services is paper and people driven with communication being delayed or lost in the process of faxing, emailing and data entry. This is where the Phoenix Quality team can help!

At Phoenix Quality we have a unique blend of people and our proprietary technology to ensure all our customers containment’s are dealt with in a responsive and accurate manner. Learn more about the difference we can make to your business and why our competitors call our technology and service the “poison pill to third party containment services”.


The Phoenix Quality Difference is our mission: to help our clients reduce or eliminate the need for third party inspection and containment.

To achieve this goal we have focused on our technology E-Data Now. This industry leading innovation allows your team the power of:

  • INSTANT COMMUNICATION: of Nonconforming parts or other issues that are identified. The E-Data Now system allows evidence like pictures and notes to be captured and immediately sent to internal teams, the supplier or customer in real-time with instant corrective actions or further follow up activities listed to mitigate future quality risks.
  • TRACEABILITY: on people allowing your team to track sort and containment billing to the second, with hourly rate of inspection, to ensure no ghost employees. On Parts and machines the software provides instant statistics by part, reason, time, lot, clean points, downtime, and more.
  • REAL-TIME REPORTING: allows your team to get access to critical Key Performance Metrics such as I-Charts, R-Charts, X-Charts, Top 5 Failures or custom graphs and reports all via the cloud on demand.
  • VISUAL AIDS: like interactive Quality Alerts, and built in Work Instructions , that ensure employee accountability and ISO Compliance with training logs, employee sign-offs, and revision level tracking of documentation.
  • QUICK I.T. TURNAROUND: with job set up time in the system taking less than 30 minutes, our technology has the tools to ensure that no time is lost dealing with costly ERP integrations, system configurations to meet you unique business needs.


  • Controlled Shipping Level 1
  • Controlled Shipping Level 2
  • CS1/CS2 Customer/ Supplier Representation
  • CS1/CS2 Reporting
  • Quality CS1/CS2 Corrective Action Plans
  • GP12
  • Safe Launch
  • And More…


Automotive, Appliances, Electronics, Hardware & Finishes, Outdoor Power Equipment, Heavy Duty Equipment, Off Road/ Leisure Vehicles, & Agriculture/Farm Equipment